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VR fitness is fun and exciting. During this pandemic, it’s one of the best options to stay in shape, or get into shape. In this article, I will be reviewing the main three games that I play and my thoughts on each of them: Beat Saber, FitXR and Supernatural.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber was the first game I downloaded when I got my Oculus Quest 2 headset. I knew from the longest I would love this game because it works out the brain and body simultaneously. You get a cardio workout, while improving reaction time. I am also very competitive and…

I remember what it was like as if it was yesterday.

Five years ago, it was my first time traveling to a different country outside of the United States. Even though it was our beautiful neighbor up north — Canada, it was like a whole new world to me. There was so much beauty to discover, and so much to see, and after every subsequent visit after the first, I still couldn’t get enough of Canada.

I have traveled to British Columbia, and visited the cities and towns of Vancouver, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, and Hope.

Everything about British…

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My journey into health and wellness started in September 2020, several months after the pandemic started. I had gained so much weight after the coronavirus pandemic hit, eating all of the quarantine snacks, ordering out food (constantly, almost 3x a week), and not moving or going out much. I was living a very sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

It was just a chaotic time where I didn’t even care to focus on myself. I realized I wanted to change my lifestyle so I can live a better and healthier life. During this time, I changed my diet and lifestyle to eat…

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Dear Bentley,

I’ve dreamed of you for so long and don’t know when you’re coming into my life but I know I will have you in it one day.

You’re going to be the cutest corgi that will melt my heart and probably drive me crazy, and that’s okay.

I don’t know what to expect when I get you, but I know raising you will be a life full of ups and downs, but probably a ton of ups because you’ll be the cutest thing ever.

The only downs I see are having to be patient, because patience has never…

Dear Jean-Paul Sartre,

In my existentialism courses, your writing was one of the hardest for me to grasp and internalize, but once I was able to understand it fully — it became simple to me.

As an existentialist, I value your thoughts on freedom, and the meaning of life. While some of your thoughts were a bit too eccentric for my personal taste in philosophy, one of your quotes has defined much of how I feel towards the world and my own existence.

Hell is other people.

— Sartre

I know this has been misinterpreted as other people are just…

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Dear (insert your name here),

Yeah, you. The one reading this right now.

Hello. My name is Cecilia and I just want to say that you are so important and valid.

If you are depressed, or suffer from any form of mental health issues, keep reading.

If you’re not depressed, I’d suggest that you keep reading as well, because you may know someone who needs to hear what I have to say.

You, with that big soul and a smile you use to hide your pain. I can see right through it. …

Recently, I decided to fly to visit my family in Virginia.

The night before I was definitely anxious about how traveling would be. I was worried about how well I’d do with a mask on especially since I’m high risk and struggle to breathe when walking a fast pace. Which also leads to me being out of breath when I walk while wearing a mask.

I’m not an “anti-masker” but I definitely avoid going out as much as possible to not wear one. Online shopping and staying inside the house was always a comfort of mine, even prior to covid…

A marble bust of Marcus Aurelius at the Musée Saint-Raymond, Toulouse, France

Dear Marcus,

Out of all the philosophers I hold close to my heart, your words have always echoed as a voice of reason during difficult times. Stoicism as a whole has transformed my being, and it has transformed the lives of many successful leaders today. In fact, Stoicism has acted as the world’s first “self-help” guide on how to live a meaningful life (for those who want to help themselves). I know for me personally, that has been my experience with your words and the philosophy of Stoicism.

You have been a mentor, guide, and an inspiration to me.


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Dear Aristotle,

I first discovered you when I was only 9 years old. I was in the third grade, and I loved going to the school library to check out books. I couldn’t wait to check out books every Friday. I was obsessed with reading and escaping the world through words and stories.

As a kid, I loved reading books about animals, but I also loved mythology and Greek history. Unlike those in my age group at the time, I was enjoying reading things of deeper sustenance rather than the children recommended reading books for my age.

I knew I…

Dear Nietzsche,

I’ve always understood you, but I think the world misjudged you. Your brilliance is something that I’ve seen so clearly since I’ve first read your writing in my philosophy courses in high school. People have deemed you as a failure, but the world failed to see your genius.

When I tell people I am a fan of your writing and philosophy, they look at me like I’m crazy or mental. If I’m mental, then I know we can relate.

The world claimed you went “insane” after you saw a horse being beaten in the street. Wholeheartedly, I can…

Cecilia J. Sanders

INFJ, HSP, Writer, Photographer. I write thought provoking pieces to change the world. Visit my website:

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